Bo Chinn

Managing Partner

Bo Chinn has over 32 years' experience in helping families build and maintain multigenerational wealth. Since every family is different with varied dynamics, Bo embraces his role as trusted advisor and strives to understand the unique needs of each family. Bo often explains the need to go deeper to understand the individual needs of each family member and works to understand each member's needs and desires. It's not an easy task to develop investment plans that address multi-generational wealth. Investment Planning goes far beyond dollars and cents, and it can be far easier to pass on money than values. With this in mind, Bo and his team work diligently to add value far beyond money. They embrace their calling to work with families to create unity and understanding, in addition to protecting those family members that simply can't handle wealth. Bo has been featured in numerous financial services magazines, such as Registered Rep and Employee Benefit News.

Bo's goal is to have a complete understanding of the desires of wealthy families, how they want their assets to flow, what charities are most important, and how much they want to leave to children, grandchildren, and other family members. These complexities require a team, beyond just the team at 2911 Wealth Advisors. To address these specialized requirements Bo and his colleagues have built a strong alliance with other like-minded professionals, CPAs, and estate attorneys. These alliances have been carefully built over time with people who share the team's values and desires to provide outstanding service to those families who trust them to manage their wealth.

Bo's faith is important to him in all decisions he makes for himself and on behalf of those he serves. His passion to see lives changed is evident throughout his community. Bo is founder of the East Texas Christian Fellowship and is involved in other Christian ministries in his community. He loves to spend time with his wife, Ann, and their daughter, Faith Ann. His hobbies include golf, travel, reading, and sharing his faith with others.

The fun stuff

Favorite quote:

"Today is the greatest day of your life, live it like you won't have another."

Best personal advice he's received:

"Mathew 6:33"

If he could meet anyone from the past or present:


Favorite book:

There are so many, but Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall and The Blessed Life by Robert Morris are a good start.

Favorite holiday:


Something you may not know:

Bo enjoys socializing, but he's more of a homebody

Faith Ann's fan club at the State golf and family 1
Family enjoying Piano Concertbo and family 2
Ann & Faith Ann enjoying a boat ridebo and family 3
Faith Ann bombing a drive in South and family 4
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