Our Approach

We believe the greatest risk to a client' s financial well-being is to deviate from a long-term plan in search of short-term comfort during times of market stress which inevitably will occur. To be a successful investor one must have perseverance. Perseverance is the ability to do something despite the difficulty or delay in achieving success. Those who do not believe in perseverance perhaps believe the goals are unrealistic, not achievable, or not worth the effort. Perseverance is not something you do it is something you have. A good plan, a good process and with the help of our financial team we can help provide a level of confidence, understanding and perseverance during times of uncertainty.

Analyzing Data - Our Process

If you ' re unfamiliar with that saying, it means where you ' ve been is as important as where you ' re going. 2911 Wealth Advisors evaluates your current investments and asks you to bring specific documents and information to the first meeting. These help us get the full picture of where you are, so we can create the right plan to get you where you want to go.

Financial Documents: Retirement Accounts (401(k)/IRA), Brokerage, Insurance, Pension, and Banking Statements all included.

Current Liabilities: Mortgage Balances, Outstanding Loans, and Your Approximate Budget

Legal Documents: Estate Plans, Wills & Testaments, Medical Directives

Tax Documents & Returns: Recent Personal & Business Tax Returns, Any Tax Related Documents

Based on the results of our discovery meeting, 2911 Wealth Advisors develops a tailored plan that speaks directly to your hopes and anxieties for the future. In this meeting, we 'll iron out the final details and begin the process of implementing your plan - and your dreams.

Communication is an essential part of 2911 Wealth Advisors promise to you. Whether by video conference, phone call, or in person meeting, we will utilize your preferred method to truly meet you where you are. As we review your portfolio ' s performance, we 'll address both the granular aspects of your investments and how those events factor into your overall plan. By turning the ‘ unknowns ' into ‘knowns, ' we help embolden our clients immediately - and for the long haul!

2911 Wealth Advisors

… Unifies with You … By taking the time to gain in-depth knowledge about your financial picture before anything else, we can craft a plan that is most in line with your goals & objectives .

… Creates a Solid Framework … Frequent communication, frank advice, and open dialogue are the ingredients we use to create a strong framework for you. This bedrock philosophy makes it easier to stick to a plan long term, and to make changes to make sure your plan stays aligned with your goals .

… Bolsters Your Perseverance … Perseverance is not something you do - it is something you have. With a good plan and a good process, our financial team can help provide a level of confidence, understanding and perseverance during times of uncertainty.

Analyzing Data - Our Philosophy

The principles of faith, family, health and wealth touch every part of our investment philosophy.

  • We start by capturing a detailed snapshot of you and your family 's situation.
  • We faithfully apply a long-term approach, focused on meeting your needs
  • Maintain the health of your portfolio by structuring to avoid volatility
  • Sustaining your wealth to meet the lifestyle you ' ve become accustomed to in retirement.

Along with helping our clients commit to a long-term plan, we believe proper risk management is one the greatest ways investors can achieve their goals. 2911 Wealth Advisors Group employs several tactics to reduce risk, including:

  • Diversifying between different assets, sectors, and markets on a global scale to help safeguard portfolios from volatility.
  • Mindfully adhering to a rebalancing schedule to keep portfolios current
  • Performing surgical shifts when the market presents a short-term investment opportunity, with an eye on reducing risks in the short-term.
  • Thoughtfully choose both lower-cost indices and reputed institutional managers to help bring success in the long-term.

2911 Wealth Advisors is committed to client transparency. As part of that commitment, the majority of our business is on a fee-based basis. That means clients are charged a fee based on the value of their assets under management - instead to a commission per order. This helps cultivate our objectivity and, more importantly, better aligns our interests with your long-term goals. Furthermore, contact us for a copy of our fee schedule!

Advisory programs may not be for all investors. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for advisory programs will vary.